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Spare parts for Plaque Heaters


You’re on your way to acquiring the spare parts for your Schwank plaque (luminous) heater.


Select the plaque heater model you require the spare parts for. Then click “Buy Spare Parts Now” to be taken to the Schwank Spare Parts Shop, where you will find all the major spare parts for your product.


If you can’t find the plaque heater spare parts you are looking for, or need further help or advice, please contact Schwank UK service engineers on  00 44 (0)208 641 3900 or  sales(at)




Schwank as an infrared heater parts supplier


From its establishment in the 1930s, when Günther Schwank invented and patented the world’s first gas-fired infrared heater, Schwank has built up a reputation for the engineering quality and longevity of its products. The long working life of our heaters means that in our role as an infrared heater parts supplier we need to retain spares for long periods.


Whether our customer is a gas radiant heaters commercial user or a restaurant owner that that requires spare parts for a patio infrared heater, we will always aim to have the items in stock to restore the heater to optimum performance.


Schwank Infrared gas heater parts for industry and commerce


As a HVAC manufacturer, Schwank is only obliged to keep replacement spare parts available for 10 years. However, we are committed to maintaining infrared gas heater parts for Schwank heating systems for as long as possible as part of our technical support services.


Because our heaters are manufactured to last, the period we need to stock spares can be well over the 10-year obligation. For instance, Schwank 2000 and 2100 heaters ceased being manufactured in 1992, but we are no longer able to supply infrared gas heater parts for either series simply because their FZ10 control box is no longer being manufactured, being made obsolete due to changes in EU regulations.


An infrared natural gas heater is powered by the cleanest and most cost effective fossil fuel energy source available. Schwank heaters are extremely energy efficient and our current product range significantly exceeds the requirements of the European Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive.


The low energy consumption and environmental benefits of our gas fired infrared systems make them increasingly attractive heating options as more stringent targets for reductions in energy use and carbon emissions are demanded from ErPs in the future.


We therefore encourage customers of our previous models to take a look at how upgrading to one of Schwank’s new heating products such as supraSchwank plaque heaters could provide a significant ROI on their energy costs as well as contributing to the goals of their environmental policies.


Infrared gas patio heater spares for the hospitality sector


We retain infrared gas heater parts for both current and past models of our terrasSchwank wall mounted patio heaters.


The hospitality sector has been able to capitalise on outside areas because of increasingly efficient methods of outdoor patio heating. Restaurant, pub and cafe owners can add to their number of covers and offer their customers pleasurable alfresco facilities extending way beyond the summer months. This can transform the economic performance of the property.


Schwank’s wall-mounted gas fired infrared radiant heaters are a particularly attractive option for outdoor heating, creating consistent, reliable and comfortable temperatures throughout patio areas. Unlike conventional mushroom patio heaters, they do not take up valuable space on the terrace. They also offer energy savings of over 60% when compared with conventional mushroom heaters, therefore contributing both cost and environmental benefits.


Our terrasSchwank wall-mounted heaters require minimal maintenance, but nevertheless our customers in the hospitality sector can be assured that spare parts for a patio infrared heater manufactured by Schwank will be readily available at need.


Important element of customer support


The supply of infrared gas heater parts for Schwank heating systems for industrial and commercial premises as well as providing infrared gas patio heater spares for owners of restaurants, pubs and cafes plays a key role in the technical support that Schwank offers customers. We guarantee a spare parts supply for a minimum of 10 years but, as already explained, the longevity of our heaters means that as an infrared heater parts supplier we frequently extend periods of spares availability.





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