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Property Advice

The focus of any advice is the building to be heated

The focus of any advice is the building to be heated. Whether it is a new building or redevelopment, we analyse all aspects closely before suggesting a solution to you:


  • System comparison of various heating systems 
    Every property is different and requires an individual design and plan. As such, we offer not just a heating system but many different variants. After careful analysis, we then suggest the most suitable Schwank solution to you.

  • Energy cost comparison
    We calculate and compare the energy costs of the heating systems. As a result, our customers are able to identify the best price-performance ratio

  • Offer 
    Comprehensive, detailed and in line with the market: this is how our proposals and quotations are presented.

  • Contracting / financing 
    Schwank is available to you as an intermediary for the development of the broadest range of the most suitable contracting models.





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