Schwank’s Radiant Tube Heaters provide a comfortable and economical heating solution.

The principle of tube heaters

Derived from the sun:

The way tube heaters work is derived from the principle from the sun. Infrared waves and heat rays penetrate the air nearly free of heat loss as electromagnetic waves. They are not felt as warmth until after making contact with people and surfaces. 


Schwank tube heaters exactly follow this principle exactly:


The fan burner generates a long laminar flame which heats the tubes up to 650°C. The tubes, made from special alloy, then emit infrared radiation which is felt as comfortable warmth in the areas being heated. Unlike luminous heaters, the tubes do not glow brightly but remain dark. Therefore, this type of heating appliances is also called “a dark heater.” 

As well as the direct effect, heating with infrared tube heaters brings about an indirect effect as well.  We can notice this from the warming of the surfaces surrounding us [e.g. floors, fitments, machines] Furthermore, tube heaters are also perfectly suited for low ceiling heights due to their lower surface temperatures.


When heating with tube heaters by Schwank, the 'feels like' temperature always lies above the actual air temperature. This physical correlation can be explained by the simple formula:


Equation to show how Schwank heaters maintain efficiency. 


Due to the essential contribution of the introduced radiant heat temperature, it is no longer necessary to heat up the entire air volume. This saves valuable energy. The lower air temperature also reduces the differences between inside and outside temperature - thus cutting down on the heat transmission losses at the same time. This means that not only energy costs and thus the operating costs are considerably reduced but also the warmth felt by people is improved. The savings usually range between 30% and 50% depending on the previous system and the building properties.



  • An animation demonstrating the principles of tube heaters





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