Schwank’s Radiant Tube Heaters provide a comfortable and economical heating solution.


Energy Efficiency Newly Defined

superTube®: The new generation of radiant tube heaters


The name superTube® exemplifies innovation and excellent product characteristics. Hardly any other radiant tube heater is able to offer such a high radiant factor of 77.5%* – once again, Schwank raises the bar.


Through continual development in the Schwank Innovation Centre and the use of numerical flow simulations [3D], superTube® is the epitome of energy efficiency and high performance.


Due to the sophisticated appliance geometry and its appealing design, the superTube® radiant tube heater can integrate and  blend in with a variety of environments, whether it is a production building, show room, exhibition centre, or other type of building. superTube® sets the standards for now and the future. 


Major Product Benefits

  • The most economic and energy-efficient Schwank radiant tube heater
  • Radiant factor of 77.5%*
  • Specially coated reflector material to increase radiant output
  • Delta-dual-insulation to reduce convection heat
  • New reflector geometry developed in the simulation lab [Delta reflector]
  • Whisper-Jet burner generating an extremely long, laminar flame
  • 2-stage burner technology [standard]; fully modulating [optional]
  • Available in two different colours [standard colour grey-aluminium RAL 9007, further colours upon request]
  • 6 performance classes [15 to 50 kW] and 3 sizes [3.7m, 6.7m, 9.7m]  
  • superTube® radiant tube heater  offers quality "Made in Germany"


* Radiant factor of superTube® 630 measured by DVGW laboratory according to DIN EN 416-2

superTube®: The new generation of  Schwank tube heaters

Temperature and flow distribution of typical tube heaters
Temperature and flow distribution of typical tube heaters
Temperature and flow distribution of superTube
Temperature and flow distribution of superTube





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