Schwank’s plaque heaters provide an innovative, economic fast and quiet heating solution.

The Principle of plaque [luminous] heaters

Derived from the sun:

We have made use of a solar principle with our industrial space heaters. Infrared waves and heat rays penetrate the air as electromagnetic waves almost without heat loss. They are not noticed - i.e. felt as warmth - until after making contact with people and surfaces.   


Schwank plaque heaters exactly follow this principle: 

Through the heated ceramic tiles, infrared waves are emitted and transferred to the areas to be heated. This is done through  homogenous combustion in approx. 3,500 passages in the ceramic tile burner. The radiant heat or infrared energy thus generated directly hits the skin’s surface as well as objects and floors. This energy causes molecules to resonate, which is then felt as comfortable warmth.


As well as this direct effect, radiant heat also brings about an indirect outcome. Thanks to the slight warming of the surrounding surfaces at the occupancy level, such as the floor, fitments and machines, additional radiant heat is set free which provides for comfortable warmth and consequently a sense of wellbeing.


In rooms and free spaces heated using Schwank plaque heaters, the 'feels like' temperature always lies above the actual air temperature. This physical correlation can be explained by the simple formula:




Due to the introduction of radiant heat temperature, it is no longer necessary for these industrial space heaters to heat up the entire air volume. This clearly saves valuable energy. The lower air temperature also reduces the differences between inside and outside temperatures which cuts down on  heat transmission losses to the same degree. From this follows that not only are energy costs and thus the operating costs considerably reduced but also that the warmth felt by people in the vicinity is increased. The savings usually range between 30% and 50% in case of redevelopment depending on the previous system and the building properties. In new buildings, the energy costs saved are also considerable. It is known that the reduction of the air temperature by 1 K reduces the energy consumption by 6-7%. If the air temperature is lowered by 2-4 K in new buildings it is easy to calculate the amount saved.


The result: You save energy and improve the warmth feeling

  • Schwank plaque heaters emit radiant heat like the sun’s rays





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