Schwank’s plaque heaters provide an innovative, economic fast and quiet heating solution.

primoSchwank, our industry standard, energy saving heating solution

Powerful and Energy Efficient

primoSchwank sets the industy standard and achieves a high radiant factor combined with remarkable energy savings. The optimisation of the radiant surface as well as the gas-air-mixture preheated in the patented delta mixing chamber make it the No. 1 in its class.


Major Product Benefits:


  • Radiant factor of up to 69.5%*  
  • Optional 2-stage or fully modulating
  • Patented delta mixing chamber 
  • Combined high- and low-intensity radiation for high radiant factor 
  • Schwank ceramic "honeycomb effect" tiles [ceraSchwank]
  • Uniform and comfortable heat distribution
  • Short warm-up times 
  • Long-life cycle and high comfort 
  • No dust swirls or draughts with primoSchwank
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Quality "Made in Germany" 


* Radiant factor of a primoSchwank 30 measured by DVGW laboratory according to DIN EN 419-2

primoschwank plaque heater





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