Schwank plaque (luminous) heaters offer high performance technology

Plaque heater - Schwank’s innovative infrared radiant heating solution

Innovative, economic, fast and quiet factory heating solutions


Factories are notorious in their reputation for being one of the hardest areas to heat. With shutter doors opening and closing, loading bays continually in use and large open spacing, heating these working areas in an energy efficient way can be a daunting task.


Schwank’s Plaque heaters offer an infrared heating solution for large, open spaces. These Infrared heaters' efficiency allows for heating up quickly with no pre-heating time required. This means that these heaters can be situated in any area of your factory floor, and provide fast and effective heating when needed. As well as this, our plaque luminous heating systems require no ongoing maintenance and maintain efficient running costs to ensure you get the most value out of our product.


The core of the plaque [high-intensity / luminous] infrared heater is the unique ceramic burner tile invented by our founder, Günther Schwank. The infrared heater’s efficiency is exceptional, with energy being generated from a gas-air-mixture through clean combustion at 3,600 openings per tile. The ceramic heating tile’s surface will thereby be heated up to 950°C, glowing "brightly" and releasing infrared radiation. Reflectors deflect and direct the infrared radiation downwards, heating the occupied level up to the desired comfort temperature. 

Schwank plaque [luminous] heaters are used for heating factories, warehouses, distribution centres, workshops, service garages, aviation hangars, sports facilities and churches. Furthermore, special infrared models are available for a range of heating applications from outdoor patios to football stadiums.


Schwank has developed plaque [luminous] heaters in 3 energy-efficiency classes:


Advantages of Schwank plaque [luminous] infrared heaters:

  • Exceptionally high energy efficiency and economy, low CO2 and NOx
  • Uniform and comfortable radiant heat 
  • Schwank infrared heaters' efficiency features very short warm-up times
  • Long-life cycle and high comfort
  • Heating of partial areas with differentiated temperatures possible
  • No dust swirls or draughts with Schwank plaque infrared heaters
  • Virtually noiseless 
  • Simple and space-saving installation 
  • Quality ”Made in Germany“ 

supraSchwank [premium]

primoSchwank [standard]

ecoSchwank [basic]





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