Schwank’s heat recovery system is as versatile as our customers.

tetraSchwank hybrid heat recovery system

Utilises "free" flue heat and reduces pay-back

tetraSchwank – condensing technology for industrial heating systems


tetraSchwank combines heat recovery, condensing technology, efficient Schwank tube heaters and an intelligent control system to create a heating system with an energy efficiency of up to 110%. tetraSchwank recovers energy thought to be lost from the flue gas and directly feeds it back to the space to be heated.


There are four [hence: tetra] good reasons why the new heat recovery system by Schwank will pay off quickly whilst also reducing the operating costs. The objectives of the Schwank engineers were: The creation of a low-cost heat recovery system which is able to  exploit the flue gas heat without using any intermediate heat storage capacity or medium.


The Functioning:


Incorporating intelligent heat control, tetraSchwank works in combination with Schwank’s energy efficient tube heaters, forming an integral part of the flue gas tract. tetraSchwank offers a low-cost heat recovery system that is able to exploit flue gas heat without requiring any intermediate heat storage capacity or medium.


  • With a connected load of max 40kw, tetraSchwank recovers heat energy from flue gas emissions through a fan-assisted counter-flow process of condensing technology.
  • The recovered heat is immediately reintroduced into the building.
  • Ideal for medium to low height buildings, the sophisticated heat control and recovery system can achieve an increase in heating output of up to 110%.


tetraSchwank is the No. 1 heating system solution in terms of cutting down on operating costs – ideal for low to medium height buildings.


Your advantages at a glance:


  • Utilisation of "free" waste heat
  • Utilisation of condensing technology 
  • Significant increase of the heating output of up to 110% [Hi]
  • Quick pay-back
  • Direct heat without intermediate storage


Added value: tetraSchwank boosts the output of the radiant tube heater by up to 110% efficiency due to its condensation technology.



  • illustration of the tetraSchwank heat recovery system in a commercial building.

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