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The Multifunctional Benefits of GHPs

High performance, low consumption - the gas engine heat pump

Performance and Economy – the GHP


The technology offers significant advantages to organisations with high energy demands – such as in industry and commerce – with no additional investment required to supply gas to buildings, which itself is low cost. By contrast, electric heat pumps can incur substantial extra costs for the supply of electrical power [i.e. large transformer stations].


Like any heat pump, the efficiency of the GHP decreases with low outdoor temperatures [e.g. < -5°C] to a COP [Coefficient of performance] of less than 1. However, because of the heat generated by the engine the GHP still fulfils the heat demand for the building, has no defrost cycle [using less energy] and can heat at full capacity down to -20°C. Additionally, in cooling mode or heating mode the excess heat generated from the engine can be recycled, effective supplying ‘free’ heat into the hot water system.



Hot Water: Instead of Cooling


Adding a water heat exchanger enables the GHP to replace existing boiler systems in order to increase efficiency and reduce CO2. The system is capable of providing either hot or cold water.


The Multifunctional Benefits of GHPs



Air-to-Air: Connection to an Air Handling Unit [AHU]


The GHP can also be connected to an AHU. This supplies the building with hot or cold air via a ducted system. Additional indoor units can be incorporated to this system.




By cascading units together the GHPs can supply much larger applications.





Air-to-Air: Powerful, Efficient Air Conditioning


Indoor units connected directly to the refrigerant system provide heating and cooling distribution, even simultaneously, as the below diagram shows. Here no additional heat exchangers are required.


When simultaneously heating & cooling the heat recovery system enables up to 35% energy savings by effectively using the waste heat removed from the cooled room as a heat source for the room to be heated, so the compressor doesn’t have to work so hard.



Combined: Flexibility of Heating, Cooling and Hot Water


Keeping the refrigerant circuit separate the GHP can supply heating or cooling to a variety of indoor units and by adding in a water heat exchanger, supply hot water for a variety of uses also.






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