Schwank offers full service and maintenance of its products as well as a minimum 10 year guarantee parts supply.


The deciding factor for cost-effective and convenient heating

The focus of every measure is on the property to be heated. Whether this concerns new buildings or redevelopment, industrial buildings or open spaces – the variety of the different requirements demands flexible solutions.


Our design and service team has decades of experience in the planning and realisation of heating concepts. Based on this experience, we are able to fulfil complex demand profiles. After analysing the current situation and comparing the systems of different heating technologies, we produce property studies and an operating and energy cost comparison showing you the cost effectiveness of the various systems.


 Once a heating system or a combination of several heating technologies has been identified to be suitable, we arrange and plan the entire heating system including the control technology of your choice. We not only provide you with the products but also with ready-to-use, turnkey solutions.

  • The Schwank team planning a heating system
  • Architectural plans of a Schwank heating Systems
  • Maintaining your Schwank heating system





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