Schwank offers full service and maintenance of its products as well as a minimum 10 year guarantee parts supply.

Schwank - Service Package

The Schwank service package has clear benefits:

  • Flawless operation
    Regular servicing and maintenance help you operate your heating system safely and reliably. This prevents unexpected failures and costly consequential damages. We call this preventive maintenance!
  • Extended guarantee
    As soon as you choose a Schwank full service package, we will extend your warranty period accordingly.
  • Minimised administrative expenditure
    We deal with all aspects of service administration. This includes ensuring attendance at planned maintenance appointments and scheduling the service intervals for our service engineers.
  • Original parts
    We only provide original Schwank parts and therefore guarantee 100% reliability.
  • Experience counts 
    No one has more experience and know-how with Schwank products than our trained service engineers. 
  • Legal security 
    Our service and maintenance offer is provided in accordance with the latest legal provisions and standards.
  • Rapid support & priority
    When you take out the Schwank full service package, your requirement will be dealt with as a top priority. That is a promise!
  • Reduction of operating costs
    Nearly all potential issues and problems show early warning signs. An early detection of wearing parts by experienced, skilled service engineers avoids expensive repairs and downtimes.
  • Cost Planning
    Since maintenance fees are known in advance when on a Schwank Service Plan it means that no unexpected costs will arise. This ensures cost planning and budgeting can be calculated.!
  • Value retention
    The longevity and life cycle of your investment are as important to us as they are to you. Early fault detection ensures the long-term value retention of the system.





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