Schwank offers full service and maintenance of its products as well as a minimum 10 year guarantee parts supply.


We are masters of our trade

After identifying, designing and planning the most suitable solution, we do not simply leave you to fend for yourself. Installation projects are overseen and implemented professionally by our project engineers and installers within the shortest possible time frame. Our installers are experts in their field and will ensure that the new heating system is properly deployed.

Upon request you can obtain all services from one source. We supervise and carry out the installation of gas or electricity supplies, the professional installation of the heaters selected and their connection to complex central building control systems.


The complete system is commissioned as soon as the heating system and corresponding control technology have been installed. Here also, our service staff consists of professionals supported by qualified contacts. In consultation with you, we provide any required services, e.g. by a chimney sweep or gas supplier, until the system is approved and handed over to you ready for use.

This is what we understand as service – from initial contact through to successful operation.

  • Implementation of a Schwank heating solution
  • Implementing a Schwank heating solution
  • Implementation of a Schwank heating solution





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