Striking warmth for stadiums

Stadium heating

Stadium heating: Comfort on cold days

sportSchwank has been specifically created to meet the exacting requirements needed in the heating of stadiums, sports facilities and grandstands. The design respects the fundamental Schwank values, i.e., outstanding energy efficiency, a high level of comfort and superior product quality.


The product:

  • Specifically designed to meet the requirements of stadiums and sports facilities. 
  • Unique reflector, with preset angle according to installation height; also applicable at an installation height above 60 m [180 ft.]
  • All weather-proof body and ignition & controls. 
  • Ignition and controller are micro-processor managed. Secure operation due to multiple ignition and dual surveillance. 
  • Patented wind protection to ensure safe operation during high wind speeds. 
  • For indoor applications: ball protection screen complying to DIN 18032-2 

  • sportSchwank stadium heating system
  • sportSchwank stadium heaters





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