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Schwank wall mounted radiant gas patio heaters at alfresco dining area
Restaurant patio heater

Schwank wall mounted radiant gas patio heaters at outdoor café terrace
Pub patio heater

Schwank overhead radiant gas patio heaters at outdoor restaurant area
Restaurant heater

Schwank wall mounted radiant gas patio heaters at outdoor street café
Restaurant patio heating

Pub patio heating

Schwank wall mounted radiant gas patio heaters at outdoor dining
Restaurant heating

Improvements in heating technology have dramatically increased our ability to enjoy outdoor activities and infrared radiant heating systems supply some of the most effective outdoor heating solutions in terms of performance, flexibility and reliability. With infrared heaters, efficiency in the use of energy leads to both savings in the operating costs of outdoor locations and reductions in their carbon emissions.


Working on the same principle as the sun, Schwank’s gas fired radiant heaters emit infrared waves that are converted into heat when they reach people and objects in the vicinity. This means that the air is not heated directly and heat is only applied where it is needed. Both environmental impact and heating costs are minimised through markedly reduced energy consumption when compared with conventional heating systems.


Both gas fired and electric infrared heaters can be found at sports venues and both gas fired and electric patio heaters are widely used for outdoor hospitality areas. Each alternative can provide efficient heating solutions, but gas proves a cheaper energy source per KWh and is less vulnerable to power failures. At a time when energy markets can be volatile, it can also be unwise to place too much reliability on one source for both heat and lighting.


Keeping sports fans happy

Stadium management needs to be very conscious of the comfort of those attending sporting events, from VIPs to the mass of spectators. Accurate temperature setting and large space heating control has a direct effect on the atmosphere generated within a stadium and discomfort can create tensions between supporters and spoil the enjoyment of the game or sporting event for everyone.


Infrared outdoor heating solutions have continually proved themselves ideal for heating football and other sports stadiums. For example. a number of top level football clubs operating in differing climatic conditions have found that Schwank gas fired radiant heaters have fully satisfied their demands for quality, reliability and energy efficiency. These include Real Madrid, Feyenoord Rotterdam, Chelsea FC at Stamford Bridge and Fenerbahçe Istanbul.


Schwank’s stadium systems can be designed to provide multipurpose flexible heating for the venue’s entire area or for specific zones, such as cutting off a concert stage, confining heating to spectator seating or targeting specific VIP areas. This flexibility is invaluable in providing the most cost effective means of heating large areas or selected locations as and when needed.


Our SportSchwank gas fired infrared radiant heaters can be hung from stadium roof beams or catwalks for easy installation and maintenance. High performance heat generation is supported by robust windshield protection against regular turbulences that occur beneath stadium roofs. In all, they provide exceptionally efficient heating solutions for sporting venues.


Providing warm hospitality

The hospitality sector has been able to capitalise on outside areas because of increasingly efficient methods of outdoor patio heating. Restaurant, pub and cafe owners can add to their number of covers and offer their customers pleasurable alfresco facilities extending way beyond the summer months. Outdoor heating solutions can transform the economic performance of their property.


Schwank’s gas fired infrared radiant heaters are a particularly attractive option for outdoor heating, creating consistent, reliable and comfortable temperatures throughout patio areas. As many hospitality venues will already use gas for catering requirements, these will be easy to integrate into existing operations, proving more attractive for saving on energy costs than electric patio heaters.


Unlike conventional mushroom patio heaters, terrasSchwank wall-mounted gas fired heaters are not intrusive and do not take up valuable terrace space, so the potential for more covers and open areas is created. They are also easy to install and require minimum maintenance.

There are further features which make Schwank’s wall-mounted gas fired radiant heaters preferable to mushroom heaters as outdoor heating solutions for the hospitality sector. These include:


  • Energy savings of over 60% when compared with mushroom heaters
  • No gas bottles requiring to be stored and renewed, unlike LPG fueled mushroom heaters
  • Comfortable heat can be activated by a single switch and felt almost immediately
  • Heat is distributed uniformly, even when heating large spaces, without the separated hot spots associated with mushroom heaters
  • Our wind protection systems ensure that the heater’s flame is almost completely wind resistant; a great asset particularly in coastal areas! With Schwank infrared heaters, UK weather conditions become less of a challenge!


Experience has shown that installation and operation costs of Schwank wall-mounted infrared gas fired radiant heaters can be frequently paid off within a few months through increased revenues from enhanced customer facilities.


So, whether you are a spectator at a football stadium or a diner at a patio area of a restaurant, the chance of a comfortable relaxing temperature all year round is more likely to be granted today than ever before. Advances in outdoor heating solutions technology are continually enhancing our alfresco leisure activities!





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