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Patio Heating

Extend the Season

Radiant gas patio heaters from Schwank allow for comfortable heat for alfresco wining and dining. For pubs, restaurants, cafes and other hospitality venues, our outdoor infrared heaters will make customers will stay longer, feel relaxed and in consequence will raise sales of food and beverages. However, if you’re still unsure why a gas patio heater could be the best fit for you, we’ve included our basic guide to help you decide.


So why choose gas patio heaters?


It’s often the first question asked when considering outdoor heating – which type of heating device is best suited for your particular needs? Gas patio heating offers a similar effect to that of a campfire, releasing invigorating heat and creating a warm hub to gather around. These can be particularly useful for pubs and restaurants, or for those simply looking to find an outdoor heating solution for their garden spaces. In fact, many hotels and restaurants in the UK and overseas have already benefitted from Schwank’s leading technology in outdoor heating.


Another factor to consider when deciding whether gas patio heaters are the right choice for you, is their ease of portability. In fact, compared to electric heaters, gas heaters are often a more practical option for long term use, and are far easier to manoeuvre around. Additionally, you’ll find that gas space heaters are usually easy to assemble and require little maintenance.


Further benefits of using a gas patio heating system include ease of use, with our range of gas heaters being activated with a single switch, and felt almost immediately. The flame produced by gas patio heaters transfers its heat through radiation, and distributes it evenly across large terraces without separated hot sports that can so often be associated with mushroom heaters.


Are gas patio heaters efficient?


Finally, when considering what type of outdoor heating solution is right for you, the overall costs are a factor worth taking into account. For those who are looking for a cost efficient heating solution, gas patio heaters are usually cheaper to purchase than electric, and with the price of gas significantly lower than that of electricity, are often cheaper to run.


The Product:

  • terrasSchwank gas patio heaters are very efficient
  • Heat input: 3.5 kW [terrasSchwank 4] and 6.7 kW [terrasSchwank7]
  • These outdoor infrared heaters operate on either Natural Gas or Propane Gas [LPG]
  • Low NOx due to patented ceramic tile [slab]
  • Our wall-mounted gas patio heaters are significantly more economical than parasol [mushroom] heaters; approx. 62% lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • terrasSchwank heaters are easy to use and produce immediate comfortable heat
  • Optional automatic re-ignition [WindSecure System]
  • Optional aesthetic shade protection [extends distance to combustibles]





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