Schwank provides perfection in heating solutions that are as versatile as our customers.

Outdoor heating solutions for your patio

Enjoy winter outdoors

For many restaurants and pubs, outdoor heating has become an established standard that has grown to be largely successful in driving sales. As customers continue to hold onto that feeling of summer, so does the need for outdoor heating solutions grow, with many now preferring to take in the fresh air than sit inside. With the development of technology, a holiday atmosphere can be created throughout the whole year with outdoor hospitality areas, including heated smoking zones, attracting many customers.


With outdoor infrared heaters in particular, investing in patio and terrace heating usually pays back within one or two heating seasons. Furthermore, the hospitality location gains higher visibility through outdoor heating solutions, with the potential of attracting passing trade.


Among gas patio heaters, our terrasSchwank product leads on quality, performance and energy efficiency. Hospitality venue owners have found that by installing these stylish wall-mounted outdoor infrared heaters, that all-important summer feeling and increased sales have been made possible. Schwank’s wall mounted heaters are a real asset for proprietors and customers alike.



Advantages of terrasSchwank gas patio heaters vs. parasol / mushroom heaters:


  • No more annoying exchange, stocking and storing of propane tanks are required for our efficient gas-fired outdoor infrared heaters
  • No more needless packing away or chaining of heaters required; also no damage to to our outdoor gas heaters due to transportation
  • No waste of seating capacity due to space saving installation of wall mounted heaters
  • Immediate, comfortable heat 
  • gas patio heaters offer energy savings  averaging 62% due to their innovative infrared / ceramic technology 
  • Our outdoor gas heaters have excellent even and balanced temperature distribution, no overheated areas
  • Our wall mounted heaters have excellent wind protection due to Windsecure system; virtually avoids flame blow-out - a real benefit especially in coastal and windy regions 
  • Schwank gas patio heaters have proven “Made in Germany” quality


Your Benefits:

  • Schwank's outdoor gas heaters make use of your outside seating areas, even on cool days
  • Increase your customer satisfaction
  • Payback within a few months 


Easy maintenance:


Discovering a gas patio heater not working to optimum performance is no problem if it is a Schwank product. As well as manufacturing outdoor infrared heaters, Schwank is also a patio heater parts supplier for terrasSchwank and other products in our superb plaque heater range. Visit the Spare Parts section of this website for more information about our gas patio heater parts.

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