Radiant heating: Economical and Comfortable

Showroom heating


Schwank gas-fired infrared radiant systems are an ideal and proven option for showroom heating. Radiation from Schwank heaters penetrates the air nearly loss-free and is absorbed by objects and people, rapidly converting the energy into heat.


This direct heating effect on the body without heating the intervening air first is exceptionally energy efficient. Both customers and the workforce benefit from comfortable heat in all seasons and accurate temperature control ensures our showroom heating systems will keep products on display in ideal conditions.


Huws Gray are leading builders merchants with currently over 50 branches nationwide, primarily in Wales and the Northwest of England. They offer a huge product range from building materials to tools and workwear, serving both the trade and general public, with everything of interest for the DIY enthusiast!


Showroom Heating Solutions Case Study: Huws Gray case study


This case study describes the early stages of Huws Gray’s relationship with Schwank. It illustrates how installation of our supraSchwank radiant plaque heaters with temperature control across a number of branches achieved the customer’s objectives of energy efficiency, excellent running costs and minimal CO2 emissions.


Gas-fired radiant heaters, being ceiling mounted, provide savings on space as well as energy and costs, which is a real bonus for retail facilities where space is at a premium. Showroom heating requirements can also be very varied. For instance, at Whitacre Garden Centre Schwank was able to achieve 50% energy savings in heating a large converted greenhouse by replacing the original oil-fired warm air unit heaters with a Schwank gas-fired radiant tube heating system.


To summarise, the benefits of Schwank radiant solutions for showroom heating include:

  • High levels of performance and energy efficiency
  • Low operating costs
  • Reduced carbon emissions.
  • Systems that are easy to install and retrofit
  • Lengthy and reliable service
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Possibility of creating different heating zones
  • Ceiling mounted showroom heating systems leave floor space free
  • No dust swirls are created by air movement
  • Modular adaptation is easy to implement if configurations in retail facilities are required to change.





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