Radiant heating: Economical and Comfortable

Production facility heating solutions


Providing effective, balanced and controllable heating in a factory or production facility can be challenging. Some areas of a large industrial space will require localised and controllable factory heating solutions, e.g. individual workstations or specific locations where employees execute their roles. This can be provided by Schwank’s radiant heaters – gas-infrared luminous or tube heaters – which are highly efficient, have very low or zero noise emissions, no associated air movement and very short heat-up times. Factory space radiant heaters such as these will not heat up other spaces within the same building therefore providing cost efficiencies and effective localised temperature control.


In contrast warm air heaters for heating larger areas within a production facility or factory space are highly effective in maintaining a basic level of heating throughout. Options for air renewal/air exchange are additionally available with Schwank’s warm air heating solutions.


Moreover, Schwank’s range of air curtain heating products can be used to control those areas of the production space that are an entry/exit point to the outside or to another building.  These sites are notorious weak points in buildings in terms of heat loss and control and Schwank’s air curtains can be used to reduce cold air intake through open gates in winter and warm air intake during the summer.


As described above, the difficulties of heating factory spaces or production facilities can be overcome by carefully analysing the heating requirements for the space as a whole and for individual areas within it and then designing heating solutions that address these specific needs. An intelligent and comprehensive factory heating solution can then be created using Schwank’s complete range of industrial heaters.





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