Radiant heating: Economical and Comfortable

Innovative heating solutions

Energy efficient heating

Schwank is the expert in energy efficient, industrial infrared heating systems, as well as smaller appliances that offer suitable and tailor-made solutions.


Normally, Schwank's infrared systems can save between 30% and 50% compared to conventional heating systems. Most importantly, as with any investment in capital goods, the level of economic efficiency is a determining factor in the decision making. Both fixed costs and operating expenses, coupled with high product quality, guarantee a high Return on Investment [ROI] from installing energy efficient heating solutions.


The various Schwank product ranges include a wide variety of state-of-the-art heating technologies:


Schwank’s range of industrial infrared heaters and infrared space heaters means large space heating, including warehouses and outdoor events, can be easily managed to produce efficient heating solutions in a variety of configurations.

  • Plaque [luminous] heaters [high intensity heaters]
  • Tube heaters [low intensity heaters]
  • Warm air unit heaters
  • Hybrid systems [energy recovery systems and renewable energy]
  • Design and planning
  • Installation and full implementation
  • After-sales Service and other services


Therefore, Schwank can provide heating systems that meet the demands of users with different usage patterns and building requirements. Schwank will always be able to provide the best efficient heating solutions for your specific application.

  • Example factory heating system
  • A Schwank infrared heating system
  • Example infrared heating solution

Schwank heating system 3d plan

A neutral assessment of the different systems of industrial heating and their characteristics are depicted in the following table:

Heating systems assessment table
Source: Natural Gas for Heating Large Buildings, Federal Association of German Gas and Water Economics, 2010





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