Radiant heating: Economical and Comfortable

Distribution heating solutions


Schwank gas-fired infrared radiant heaters provide many operational, economic and environmental benefits for distribution centres. Their high levels of performance combined with energy efficiency will reduce both operating costs and carbon emissions.


Because our infrared distribution centre heating systems transmit heat by means of electromagnetic waves, air movements due to open doors have only a very limited impact on the comfortable indoor temperature. With loading bays and doors invariably on several sides of a distribution centre building, only infrared systems can really be trusted to heat the indoor space efficiently, keeping the area at desired temperatures even when the loading bay doors are open.


Efficiency savings


Infrared radiation penetrates the air nearly loss-free and is absorbed by objects such as floors and walls which then convert the energy into heat. This process is exceptionally efficient and frequently energy savings of between 30% and 50% have been achieved by Schwank heating installations when set against conventional systems.


For instance, automotive components manufacturer Magna found they could make 35% energy savings by installing Schwank gas-fired infrared heaters at their 6,500 sq. metre warehouse in Belgium as compared with a warm air system that they had previously been evaluating.


Operational flexibility


Schwank radiant distribution centre heating systems offer tremendous flexibility, including the possibility of creating separate temperature zones, such as in product storage and picking areas. At the Amazon distribution centre in Leipzig, which covers an area of 11 football pitches, Schwank’s accurately configured system creates separate heating zones at 48 loading docks and spot heating at working stations, while products in storage are kept at required minimal temperatures. This provides for precision control and significant energy and cost savings.

Zonal heating has also allowed for complete flexibility in the layout of racking and picking stations at the Mercedes-Benz Consolidation Centre in Speyer, Germany, while major energy savings and CO2 reduction have been also achieved through a combination of Schwank’s radiant heating and heat recovery systems.


Intelligent temperature control


The Schwank ThermoControl Plus intelligent heating control system can play an integral role in effective and energy efficient distribution centre heating by our gas-fired radiant systems. Benefits can include:

  • Integrated switch-on optimisation to reduce operating times to the minimum
  • Intelligent “learning” logic module that assesses both the indoor environment and outside temperatures when determining the optimum pre-heating time
  • Switch-on optimisation activated for separate heating zones, fulfilling heating requirements accurately and saving energy
  • Savings of up to 15% on energy costs when in modulating mode


Effective heat management


Apart from the potential cost and energy savings, there are a range of other heat management benefits that infrared distribution centre heating can offer over conventional systems.


For instance, no warm air cushions are created below the roof and no dust swirls are produced by air movement, so products stored are not subject to being coated with dust. Additionally, modular adaptation is easy to implement if the use of a facility changes, such as alterations in racking configurations.


Schwank’s high performance, flexible and reliable gas-fired infrared radiant distribution centre heating systems are easy to install and retrofit, offering robust longevity and limited maintenance requirements.





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