tube heaters with thermostat

GHPs offer cost-effective temperature management


Schwank Gas Heat Pumps (GHPs), with low operating costs, high efficiency and low CO2 emissions, offer ideal heating and cooling solutions for the industrial and trade sectors. They perfectly reflect our vision to provide: “The best solution for every application.”


Gas is competitively priced compared to other energy sources and GHPs ensure that comfortable workplace temperatures are produced whatever the season and weather. In comparison with other types of air conditioning unit, GHPs offer exceptional value and performance.

Features of Schwank GHPs include:

  • Excellent energy efficiency ratings: up to 150% for heating and up to 200% for cooling
  • Exceed regulations on environmental standards, being low on CO2 emissions and below the required standard for NOx emissions
  • Heat from the GHP engine is recovered and recycled, with hot water produced as part of the heating process
  • A water heat exchanger can be used to connect to domestic hot water systems, DX coil or chilled water for indoor heat exchange
  • Zonal heating and cooling solutions can be created within a building (e.g. an office area can be kept warm while an adjoining warehouse maintains a low temperature)
  • Direct use of gas by GHPs saves the generation and distribution losses incurred with electric heat pumps
  • GHPs are easy to install and require minimal maintenance


Schwank Gas Heat Pumps complement our existing product range and provide excellent heating and cooling solutions for a wide range of working environments.

Installation underneath the ceiling of an indoor unit

For further informaion please see:


 Gas heat pumps [PDF]









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