tube heaters with thermostat

Temperature Control for Buildings

Efficient Heating & Cooling for Industry and Commerce


Schwank now offers an efficient solution for the heating and cooling of industrial and trade facilities with the GHP. Most importantly: the system uses free ambient heat from the air, as well as natural gas, which costs much less than electricity.


With over 1 million units sold worldwide, this environmentally friendly heating and cooling solution has already excelled in a wide variety of applications.


Main Applications in Industry and Trade:


  • Temperature control for thermal processes, e.g. Foundries or Furnaces
  • Storage of temperature sensitive goods such as foods
  • Storage of dangerous materials or pharmaceutical products
  • Heating and cooling supply for Laboratories, Research centres and Offices
  • Cooling for Industrial and Commercial facilities

Performance and Economy – the GHP


The GHP range offers a powerful heating and cooling solution, with units ranging from 16HP [45 kW cooling / 50kW heating] all the way up to 50HP [142kW cooling/ 160kW heating]. This technology offers notable advantages to large operators – such as industry and commerce – as the gas supply for the buildings requires no additional investments.  By contrast, the use of electric heat pumps can incur substantial extra costs for the supply of electrical power [i.e. large transformer stations].


Comparing the electricity consumption between GHPs and standard VRFs highlights the savings:





Natural Gas – the driving force


As opposed to electric heat pumps, the compressor of the cooling circuit of a gas heat pump is operated by a gas powered engine. This technology offers notable advantages to large operators – such as industry and commerce – who benefit from low-priced gas. Additional investments in peak load boilers or larger transformer stations for electric heat pumps are often no longer required.